The Barista is a minor character in Leprechaun 2.

Description Edit

The Barista only appears in his coffee shop when the Leprechaun is drinking black coffee to rid itself of a severe hangover. The Barista starts to grow frustrated with the Leprechaun, wanting to leave and close the shop, as well as get paid for the coffee.

When the Leprechaun tries to negotiate with him, the Barista starts to laugh at his short stature and voice. Eventually, the Barista makes an not-so smart remark "you kill me" in laughter, which sparks an idea to the Leprechaun.

As he continues laughing, the Leprechaun sobers up and appears behind his work desk. He spots it, but is unable to react in time before the Leprechaun impales both his hands to the desk with forks.

After struggling to get loose from the desk, the Barista sees the steam valves turning towards him. Within a few seconds, the Barista gets hot steam blown into his face, which proceeds to gruesomely scald it while he screams in pain. After several seconds of this, the Barista slumps onto the desk, dead with half his face melted off.