This security Guard is a minor character in Leprechaun 2.

Description Edit

The Guard only appears at the amusement park where Cody and Morty are planning to trap the pursuing Leprechaun in a rot-iron safe. While Morty is outside to check their car, the Guard comes up behind him and attempts to arrest him. Morty manages to convince him to let him out of his hand cuffs and, when his back is turned, knocks him out with a single punch.

When the Guard comes to, he goes into one of the small buildings where he finds Cody in front of Morty's dead body, having been killed by the Leprechaun earlier. The Guard assumes that Cody murdered Morty and holds his gun to his head.

The two go outside where the Leprechaun arrives in a hand-made go-kart. They spot it and narrowly dive out of the way when it tries to run them over. When it misses, it drives after the Guard, who then stops to shoot at it. After missing several shots, the Leprechaun then drives into the Guard, just narrowly sweeping him off his feet and onto the ground.

The Guard, possibly unconscious, is unable to move out of the way when the Leprechaun drives at him and successfully runs him over, killing him instantly.