Jackie Dee is a character in Leprechaun: In the Hood.

Description Edit

Jackie Dee first appears in his pawn shop when a trio of young rap artists try to sell a guitar to him in exchange for money for sound equipment. They attempt to trick him into buying it by saying it belonged to famous guitarist Jimi Hendrix, but he doesn't fall for it.

Jackie Dee also remarks on how the "postmaster" in Postmaster P.'s name doesn't make sense seeing as he's never been in the military, but Postmaster P. simply says his name is there because he delivers a positive message.

The next day, the trio return and pawn some gold coins and other treasures that they say to have found, when they had really stolen it from Mack Daddy O'Nasses. Jackie Dee takes the gold and is about to give them their money, but is stopped in mid-sentence when Postmaster P. blows into the gold flute that they also stole from Mack Daddy, hypnotizing him and the other two in the place. After this, they take off.

At nightfall, Jackie Dee closes his shop, only to be confronted by the Leprechaun, who is looking for his gold, which is what the trio had stolen and given to Jackie Dee earlier. Jackie Dee assumes the Leprechaun to be someone in a costume, so he tells the Leprechaun to go away, which it does. After going to his car, he encounters a former girlfriend, Jackie Cee. The two start making out, but it turns out that Jackie Cee is a specter controlled by the Leprechaun, who is hiding in Jackie Dee's car trunk.

The Leprechaun then uses the specter to kill Jackie Dee by presumably slamming him against the car multiple times while it listens.