Known aliases: None
Known relatives: Unnamed Mother
Year of birth: 1383 A.D. (Possibly)
Year of death: Unknown
Age: 600-2000 (Possibly)
Movie: Leprechaun Series
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Warwick Davis
Linden Porco
The Leprechaun, is a magical creature who appears in every Leprechaun film.



Revealed in the Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood, a king sent leprechauns to retrive gold and bring it to him. Eventually he bannishes all of the leprechauns, but one did not leave his gold and resulted to violence and evil to protect it. That leprechaun is the one who appears in all the Lep films.

Events of the MoviesEdit

The Leprechaun usually pursues people who have obtained his gold and who is in his way to get his gold back, but he will also hurt others who have nothing to do with his missing gold. As seen in Leprechaun 2, the Lep causes harm to a simple buisness man by ripping off his finger to get his ring; and also rips out a homeless man's gold tooth. This shows that the Leprechaun will kill or hurt anyone who posses gold, showing his greed.

Apparently a leprechaun can only wed on it's 1,000th birthday. To obtain a bride, a woman must sneeze three times. If a Leprechaun does not obtain a bride, it must wait another 1,000 years to do so.


The Leprechaun obtains many powers. Here is a list which shows most of them:

  • Super Strength
  • Impossible to Kill
  • Able to cause Hallucinations
  • Voice Change
  • Able to Dissapear


The Leprechaun has few weaknesses.Only five are recorded. Here they are:

  • The Four-Leafed-Clover
  • Wrought Iron
  • A Medallion
  • Destroying his gold
  • Space
  • Cement