Mack Daddy O'Nasses is a main character and supporting antagonist in Leprechaun: In the Hood. He is portrayed by Ice-T.

Description Edit

Mack Daddy first appears in the movie as a 70s rap thug alongside his partner, Slug. After they break through a wall in the subway, Mack Daddy is angry with Slug for buying an supposed fake map to a hidden treasure and shoves him through some wooden planks in the wall next to them. This reveals a room full of treasure, including the stone frozen Leprechaun and a magic flute, which Mack Daddy takes for himself.

Mack Daddy goes out of the room and starts looking over the flute, only to hear a noise and look back at the room to find Slug with a hair pick stuck in his throat. After Slug falls over dead, Mack Daddy goes back into the room and finds the Leprechaun unfrozen and ready to kill him. Luckily for Mack Daddy, a steam pipe bursts out steam, which sends the Leprechaun's medallion into the air and it lands around the Leprechaun's neck, which turns it back into stone.

Afterwards, Mack Daddy takes the flute and the frozen Leprechaun as a souvenir, which he would keep for the next 20 years, during which he would become a successful record producer.

After flirting with a woman in the street, Mack Daddy drives over to a trio of aspiring rap artists and starts mocking them. One of them, Stray Bullet, convinces him to hear their material. They go to Mack Daddy's place, where they perform their rap. Although Mack Daddy cites it as "not much, but not the worst", he only agrees to help them if they change their material to a more violent type.

Another one of the trio, Postmaster P., refuses to do so, which results in them being kicked out. At nightfall, the trio sneak back into his office to steal some of his gold. Their plan goes array when Mack Daddy walks in, third member, Butch's bomb goes off and Postmaster P. shoots him in the chest with a handgun, but he survives thanks to one of his gold chains. When he comes to, however, the trio have already run out and the Leprechaun is unfrozen.

Mack Daddy runs away and ducks into a restroom at a nightclub. However, he is confronted by the Leprechaun, who tells him to find his gold and breaks off one of Mack Daddy's fingers. He then runs out of the nightclub to search for the trio.

The next day, Mack Daddy finds the trio and demands his flute back, which Postmaster P. had taken when he was knocked out. They refuses to acknowledge the flute, so Mack Daddy points his gun at them, but his missing finger prevents him from firing as he doubles over in pain. The trio run away as his bodyguard tries shoots at them.