Slug is a minor character in Leprechaun: In the Hood.

Description Edit

Slug's only appearance in the movie is at the start when he is underground in the subway with his partner, Mack Daddy O'Nasses, searching for a treasure which Slug claims to know about from a map he bought.

After breaking through a wall, Slug nonchalantly points out the beer and burgers nearby, which results in Mack Daddy tossing him through some wooden planks in the wall next to them.

That toss, however, sends Slug into another room filled with gold and other treasures. The two are instantly amazed at this and start deciding what they want to take.

While Mack Daddy takes a golden flute, Slug spots a frozen Leprechaun with a medallion around it's neck, which Slug decides to take. This action, however, awakens the Leprechaun.

After being freed, the Leprechaun turns on Slug and corners him. While this is going on, Mack Daddy is examining the flute, but looks over at the room when he hears a noise. When he looks at the room, he sees Slug fall over the planks. Slug then rises up to reveal that his hair pick has been lodged in his throat. Slug manages to take out the pick before falling over, dead.