This Stoner is a minor character in Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood.

Description Edit

The only time the Stoner appears in the movie is at a party at Jamie's house. He and Jamie are looking over the various bongs that Jamie has in his possession.

After picking up one of the bongs, the Stoner is met by the Leprechaun. The two enjoy smoking the bong together until the Leprechaun spots a gold coin on the ground.

The Stoner tries to grab the coin and claim it for himself, but this angers the Leprechaun, who snatches the bong out of his hands.

The Stoner demands the bong back, to which the Leprechaun impales him in the stomach with it. The Stoner then falls over, dead.

His body is found by Lisa and Emily. When the police arrive, they discuss on how the Stoner died, Thompson and Whitaker asking Rory if a rival gang was somehow involved. They eventually find the weed that Jamie bought from Watson earlier and arrest him. The Stoner's body was taken away by an ambulance.